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Delphine Lévesque Demers

Welcome !

Hi there !!

Because I'm a geek and enjoy spending SOME ( lol ;-p ) of my free time over the livejournal, and for my passion to anime and conventions, I've decided to create a livejournal community for the Montreal's Otakuthon ! Please read the community profile for more infos about the community ( still currently editing it >.> ) So well, now you can talk about the convention and share whatever you want about it on livejournal ! ^___^ ( of course there's a forum on the Otakuthon's website, but I'm not really a forum person XD I'm a livejournal geek though, so if you're like that too then this community is for you! )

As for me, my name is Delphine and not only I will be to the convention but I also have the honor to be part of the special guests this year as a professional fantasy and horror artist, ( which is my full time job since 6 years ^.- ) You can see my website here :
I'm not really "well-known" in Quebec O_o ... but as for in the USA, and other countries, I'm glad to be able to say that you can find a tons of products in very popular chain stores featuring my art on ! ^___^ Been invited to other conventions before in other countries but well, not always that easy to find a way to get there when you live in Quebec XD ! So I'm more than happy to be part of the convention this year at Montreal where I live !! It's hard for artists to be known "locally" and I think events such Otakuthon are very important and interesting for a lot of artists here, it is a true pleasure for me to be there as a guest, I will be showing more than a dozen of original paintings there in exclusivity!
A large collection of prints featuring more than 50 different artworks from me will also be available at the convention, as well as some of my officially licensed merchandise! ^.^ And I'll surely be dressed as one of my mysterious character for the occasion! ^.- I'll be there Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and Sunday all day long ! ^___^

I'm also part of the otakuthon "Irulanne and friends" J-pop concert on Saturday, June 10 ( 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM at the D.B. Clark Theatre ) as a singer with my friend Irulanne ( of course lol ) plus two other friends, Clara and Moegan ! Don't miss the show, we've been working hard on it since January ! ^___^

So welcome to the community and feel free to post photos, your ideas and thoughts, rant/vent, share your excitement, etc ! As long it is Otakuthon, Montreal and convention/anime related it's all good !

Hope to see you all there in June, stop by my table and say hi !!! ^___________^
Thanks and enjoy !
~Delphine ^_^

( sorry for my poor english, I "normally" speak French XD )
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J'y serais pas, puisque j'vis en Gaspésie mais j'suis une otaku et une gameuse alors j'vais joindre la communauté, bonjooour ;3
Allo !! ^_____^ Bienvenue ! ^.^ <3

Ohh tu es une fan de Ragnarok Online aussi ? super, c'est ma drogue quotidienne ^_^; ! Un groupe de cosplay de ragnarok serait chouette lol ..
sur quel server joues-tu ?

Sur Ligthside-Legend RO.
C'est un assez gros serveur, 40000 membres, 600-900 joueurs en même temps. On à une branch de eathena. J'suis pas trop c'est muahaha. Mais c'est pas grave.
J'suis GM pis sa fait un an et demi je joue fake si tu veut venir essayer j'taiderais.
L'adresse c'est