Delphine Lévesque Demers (zerick) wrote in otakuthon,
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woooo less than a week before Otakuthon O.O

Zomg only 5 days left before Otakuthon !! Are you excited ? XD

Do you think it will be a total success or do you think it will be just like all the other con at Montreal which were mostly ... a .. "flop" ?

Oh also, I'm just curious, are you planning to come to the con mostly on Saturday or Sunday ( or both days ) ? And what is the thing/event you are the most excited about ?

zomg what a friendly useless gay post it is >.> ! Trying to kill the time till then XD ( I think I need a life >.> )

Can't wait to meet you all there ! ^.^

( oh and for those who are interested, there will be a "Gothic Lolita meeting" for Otakuthon on Saturday ( unless the date change since then ) at 12h00, Métro Concordia, so if you wanna show your lolitaness in all it's glory ( without actually feeling like a complete UFO since there should be so many other cosplayers anyway XP ) make sure you check this entery here for more details ^.^ : )

N'cha !
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