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Hey guys !!!!

OMG, personally I think Otakuthon was a HUGE success !!! It was so crowded and so much fun !! People were so nice all the time, everything was so neat !! ( I mean, for a very FIRST convention, it ROCKED !! It can just get better in the next years !! ) So many cosplayer, even on Sunday !! ^____________^ They got like more than 2K of people O.O That's like waaaay more than what they were expected ( specially on a rainy saturday like that ! )

So what do you think about the whole thing ? I was at my artist table all the time so I haven't been able to leave my table that much and it was almost always crowded, the sales went so wonderfully well, so much more than what I could ever expect, I'm so happy the artists got such a great visibility and it looks like it went really well for all of them !!! ^______^ I can't beleive all the amazing talent I saw there, wonderful ! )

I'd like to know what you thought about the whole convention ! Good and bad things ! ^.^ And please post pics if you have some, I'll post a bunch of them real soon along with some video ! ^__^ I'd say the only bad thing that happened on my side was that my headset/microphone during the J-pop show decided to be an ass and was making those funny noises XDDDDDDDD But oh well, we did it anyway lol ! ;-p And it was so much fun XD

Thanks all for coming, I'm positively sure there will be an Otakuthon 2007, it has to !!! And I'll sooo be there again for sure ! ^_^ It was a blast !! It's hard to beleive that Montreal got it's very own anime convention !!

Hope you enjoyed your week-end and post some reviews please ! ^___^
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